Dr. Robert Berger, MS, MVSc, PhD
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Dr. Robert Berger, MS, MVSc, PhD

Robert Berger, MS, MVSc, PhD, holds a Master degree in Nutritional Biochemistry and Veterinary Science and a Doctorate in Biochemistry/pharmacology with a minor in Animal and Veterinary Science. He did his Post-Doctoral studies in Pharmacology at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine. His major focuses are in Medicinal Chemistry, Nutrient/Drug Delivery, Protein and Lipid Chemistry, Agriculture, and Human and Veterinary Nutrition and Pharmacology.

Dr Berger held positions as a technical advisor and as a Protein Chemist at Sigma Chemical Co. in St Louis, Mo. In Florida, he and his business partners established “The Health Factory Farm, Inc.,” an organic farm composed of completely enclosed, climate-controlled bio-shelters (pods) for growing organic vegetables. These pods insured for safe growing conditions which assured for optimum quality and high contamination-free yields.

Dr Berger was also the editor and primary author of two on-line electronic-based health magazines (Nutricula Magazine and Petological Magazine) which presented research articles, scientific reviews, and opinions by clinicians and medical researchers from industry and academia.

Dr Berger was also an active radio talk show co-host on various Florida stations as well as a guest on many Health-Talk radio shows around the country. He is an author of many published scientific papers, magazines and pet health journals.
He has also received honors from the Humane Society of the US for his many years of service and support.