My Story

Gayle Pruitt, CN

Gayle Pruitt, has been a nutritionist/chef since 1996, earning her CN (Certified Nutritionist) degree from the American Health Science University’s National Institute of Nutritional Education/NINE. She currently is working as Nutritionist and Product Specialist. 

Gayle presently conducts nutritional research where she focuses on human and canine nutrition with a specialty in digestive issues and disorders.  She also acts as a guest lecturer.  

Prior to this, Gayle was Executive Chef for MacNut Oil, a gourmet cooking oil company.  Also, she has worked as a Personal Chef, and owned and operated Fine Food Delivered, preparing and delivering unique meals for those with special dietary needs.

In addition, Gayle has conducted cooking demonstrations in many cities across the county for national food shows involving gourmet products. Her recipes have appeared in national magazines and in best-selling cookbooks such as Hampton’s Diet Cookbook plus she was the food writer for a Dallas based magazine, Lifestyle Solutions.

Gayle has written two cookbooks published by St Martin’s Press; The Dog-Gone Good Cookbook, released in February of 2013, and The Dog-Gone Good Cuisine, was released in February of 2014. 

Gayle has three mischievous little dogs, 19 year old Mimi is a chihuahua, dachshund & pit mix, 17 year old Casper is a we’re not sure mix, and her newly adopted 12 year old Rambo is a yorkie mix with some disabilities. She has had Mimi and Casper for over 15 years and is looking forward to many more years with them including Rambo.